Thunder Athletics and Recreation is proud to be able to host two fitness classes a week as well as drop in intramurals. Each class is available to staff, students and faculty of Concordia University of Edmonton. To participate in these classes please attend at the scheduled time and check in with the Campus Recreation Coordinator. If you are a first-time participant, you will be required to fill out some paperwork. 

The schedule is:

Program Description:

Pound Fitness

-       This class will use rhythm-based techniques to combine cardio and weight training. Equipment resembling drumsticks, ripstix are used to keep the beat of the music while strengthening the arms, chest and shoulders. Pound fitness classes are unique because they are a high intensity class that use both interval and strengthening techniques. This 50 minute class will provide a whole body workout in a comfortable friendly, upbeat environment. Ripstix and mats will be provided, although if you prefer to use your own yoga mat you are welcome to bring it. All you need is runners, workout attire, a water bottle, and a signed waiver form. 

- Pound Fitness will be taught by Korinna Levangie


-       Yoga is a common practice used to improve wellness and relaxation of an individual. During this class we will experience different breathing techniques and body positions exposing ones personal strength.  This class invites beginners and experienced individuals. The goal of this class is to expose Concordia University of Edmonton to an alternative method to improve their wellness. Please feel free to bring your own yoga mat however some will be provided. It is suggested that you wear comfortable athletic wear and bring a water bottle.

- Yoga will be taught by Jessica Saulnier


-       Intramurals are a drop-in style meaning they are open and offered to everyone. The teams will be made based on the number of people in attendance.  Participants will engage in the specific sport advertised in a leisurely manner. Rules will be established by the Recreation Coordinator and is expected to be followed by all participants. 


-       Zumba is a workout dance class that is inspired by Latin American Music. The class is very up beat and cardio based. Individuals will experience a total body workout with specific emphasis on the cardiovascular system. 

- Zumba will be taught by Korinna Levangie


  • This fitness bootcamp will give participants a full body workout. The class incorporates many different exercises to increase the overall strength and fitness of the individual. To participate in this class all you need is fitness attire, runners and a hard work ethic. 
  • Bootcamp will be taught by Korinna Levangie


  • High Intensity Interval Training, commonly known as HIIT is a workout that focuses on increasing your heart rate while building strength. HIIT workout usually involve plyometrics and the use of body weight to build strength. All you will need to participate in this class is fitness attire, runners and a hard work ethic. 
  • HIIT will be taught by Korinna Levangie