Almost a Thunder Cinderella Story.

Rustlers dominated the first half with a 55- 36 lead over the Thunder. To everyone's surprise however the Thunder came back and out-scored the Rustlers 23- 15 in the third Quarter.  Ronald Bacon Jr lead the the way in points for the Thunder (Total of 31 points) and sent the game into overtime. In the Fourth period the thunder out-scored the Rustlers 21- 10 to tie the game.

It was not quite a Cinderella story for the Thunder as they fell 7 points short in OT. The final score of the game was 93- 86 for the Lakeland Rustlers.

Lakeland's top 3 scorers were Artavis Holiday (15 points), Prentice Gardner (17 points)  and Terrell Murdaugh ( 23 Points).  Players of the game were Lakeland's Terrell Murdaugh and Concordia's Liam Harrison. Murdaugh had a total of 5 assists and 23 points. Harrison had 8 assists and 12 points.