Thunder Men's Volleyball Recruit Class of 2018-19

Thunder Men's Volleyball Recruit Class of 2018-19

The Thunder Athletics Men's Volleyball program is pleased to announce the recruits for the 2018-19 season. 

After a successful 2017-18 season advancing to the post-season for the first time in Thunder history, the Men's Volleyball program is looking to contoniue to thrive with the additions of eight hopeful recruits.

Carson Hillburn

School: Camrose Composite High School Club: BRVC Vikings
Program: Bachelor of science
Height: 6’4
Weight: 190lb,
Pos: Middle/outside

Carson will be an impact player from the start for us, offensively he is ahead of the game as a young middle and he has shown to be a quick study and wont have any issue catching up to the speed in the ACAC. Carson has the ability to play in the middle and on the outside and we plan on using versatility.


Duncan Calef


School: Bev Facey
Club: Nooks
Program: bachelors of science/Major in biology
Height: 6ft
Weight: 150
Pos: Left Side

Duncan is an extraordinary athlete and we plan on using that athleticism to develop Duncan into an outside attacker that can score for us efficiently. We have high expectations of Duncan coming to fill a bunch of roles for us from attacking or playing through the back row and we will be expecting big things from Duncan.

 Kale Kruger


School: Bev facey
Club: Nooks
Program: Bachelor of Science
Height: 6’1 1/2,
Weight: 175lbs

Kale is young setter that has potential through the roof. Training 4-5 days a week with high level setters all season is going to push Kale to become an excellent player and we believe he has all the tools to take our program to the next level in a couple years.

Chace Maris


School: Jasper Place Club: Nooks Program: Business management
Height 6'5
Weight: 185lbs
Position: Middle

Chace is our tallest and one of our first recruits from this class. As a middle he has the ability to make smart decisions quickly and block beyond his years. He will also have a huge impact on how our season goes as we plan to use him as a traditional middle and also potentially as a blocking sub through all three positions in the front row.


Noah Natras


Position: Outside Attacker
Height: 6’2
Weight: 180lbs
High School: Bev Facey
Club Team: Fog 17U Black
Program: Bachelor of Management

Noah was our first commit of the year and has a strong passion for the sport. He loves the game and we plan to take his love of the game and help him grow as an outside attacker. Noah battled through some injuries this year but has show resilience on how he bounced back after the injuries.


Scott Mohler


School: Strathcona High School
Club: NAVC u18
Program: Duel degree of science/management
Height: 5. 5”11
Weight: 175
Position: libero/setter

Scott comes from a volleyball family with both of his brothers setting for MacEwan University and he is not slouch when it comes to the game. His ability to strategically think the game and play multiple positions is going to help him grow as the libero for the future of our program


Wyatt Turnbull


School: Spruce Grove Composite High School
Club: NAVC
Program: Bachelor of Science
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 170 pounds
Position: Leftside

Wyatt shows a ton of promise as an outside attacker. He seems to swing with no fear which will benefit him significantly as he makes the jump to the ACAC. Not only is he an outstanding volleyball player he is also an outstanding student which makes him a perfect fit for our program.


Aiden McIntyre (transfer)


High School: Strathcona HS
2nd year transfer from Keyano College
Program: University Studies
Height 6’2
Position: Setter