2017-18 Athletics Awards Banquet

2017-18 Athletics Awards Banquet

EDMONTON, AB – On Tuesday April 3rd, 2018, Concordia Thunder Athletics community celebrated the achievements and successes from 2017-18 season at the Thunder Athletics “Blue and Gold” Awards Banquet held at Concordia University of Edmonton.

Men’s Soccer

To start the evening off, Men’s Soccer coach Ian Skitch took the stage to share the successes of his squad this past fall. Onesphore Amanda was named this seasons Rookie of the Year. Fifth year graduating captain Jose Villanueva was recognized as Most Dedicated Athlete. First year athlete Samuel Kohan was named the teams Outstanding Scholastic Student Athlete. Isreal Olufuwa alongside Jose Villanueva were called to the stage to collect their ACAC All-Conference awards.

Women’s Soccer

On the women’s side, head coach Franco Imbrogno was called to the stage to acknowledge his women’s soccer team that had an excellent season earning the ACAC Bronze medal. Rebecca Leavell was named the teams Rookie of the Year, Tarah Pliska earned Most Improved Athlete, and Kyra Robinson was awarded the teams Outstanding Scholastic Student Athlete. The team’s MVP of the year was fifth year midfielder Madison Kindzierski. Four athletes were recognized as ACAC All-Conference Athletes including Jaida Stasiuk, Nicole Klepic, Madison Kindzierski, and Selina Verkland. Additionally, Madison and Selina were recognized as CCAA Academic All-Canadians. Our graduating athletes from the women’s program include Nicole Klepic, Shyanne Walton and Jill Sander.

Women’s Basketball

Robbie Valpreda and the women’s basketball team began their evening awarding forward Ann Ulmer with Rookie of the Year. Next up, third year forward and first year Concordian Anna Houtman was named as Most Improved Athlete. Fourth year guard Morgan Dool was awarded Outstanding Scholastic Student Athlete and remained on stage as she collected her ACAC All-Conference and CCAA Academic All-Canadian Awards. Fifth year graduating captain, Shyanne Walton was named the teams MVP.

Men’s Basketball

Next up, was Coach Reagan Wood and the men’s basketball team where Julien McFadden was named the Most Improved Athlete. Fifth year graduating captain Brett Jakubec was named most dedicated athlete. Keaton Souster took home the Outstanding Scholastic Student Athlete Honors and fourth year power forward Ryan McLaren was names the teams MVP of the season. Ryan McLaren, Brett Jakaubec and Ronald Bacon Jr. were all recognized as ACAC All-Conference Athletes.

Indoor Track & Cross Country

The Indoor Track & Cross Country Running teams were in the spotlight next as the women took to the stage first. Head coach Matthew Norminton started off by announcing Elise Nawrocki and Mienna Starosielski as Most Dedicated Athletes. Rebekka Hay was awarded as the teams Outstanding Scholastic Athlete. Third year runner Bailey Troccoli-Hughes was recognized as the teams MVP!

On the men’s side, Brad Agnew received the Most Dedicate Athlete award while Jackson Murrell received the Most Improved Athlete award for the second year in a row. The teams most valuable athlete was 1st year runner Keith Spruyt. Graduating athletes Ian lee and Shelby Edgar were recognized for their running careers at Concordia.


Head coach Kevin MacAlpine and the Thunder Badminton team had a busy night as they had a very successful season. Kaylee Morris was recognized first as Most Improved Athlete followed by Nicolas Pittman as the Most Dedicated Athlete. Third year athlete Takeisha Wang took home a lot of hardware as she was the teams MVP, Outstanding Scholastic Athlete, ACAC & CCAA player of the Year, CCAA All-Canadian and Academic All-Canadian. Additionally, Takeisha along with Desmond Wang, Nicolas Pittman and Kassidy Turcotte received their ACAC All-Conference awards. Nicolas was presented with the CCAA Academic All-Canadian and Exemplary Leadership Awards. Third year athlete Amanda Cao was acknowledged for her contributions to the badminton team as she is graduating this spring.


Coach Kevin MacAlpine remained on stage as the golf team was up next to join him on stage. Jason Wiwad was named the Most Improved Athlete and Connor Dobberthien was the teams Most Dedicated Athlete. Multi-sport athlete Nicolas Pittman was the teams Outstanding Scholastic Athlete. Lastly, Kassidy Turcotte was awarded the MVP of the year.


It was time for Dylan Theroux and the Curling team to take the stage to be recognized for their successful season. First off, the latest addition to the squad, Josh Buchholtz, was named the teams Rookie of the Year. Madysan Theroux was awarded the Most Dedicated Athlete and Taylore Maschmeyer was the Outstanding Scholastic Athlete and CCAA Academic All-Canadian recipient. This years MVP and ACAC Player of the Year was second year skip, Evan Van Amsterdam. Out of twelve possible spots, four athletes were named to the ACAC All-Conference team including Veronica Maschmeyer, Madysan Theroux, Evan Van Amsterdam and Tyler Van Amsterdam.


The largest athletics program, men’s hockey, were in the spotlight for their portion of the evening as head coach Daniel Glegloff named Ben Sowa Rookie of the Year. Third year forward and captain Adam Moghrabi was named the Most Dedicated Athlete and Jakob Lavoie was the teams most Outstanding Scholastic Athlete. Third year forward Adam Wheeldon was awarded the teams MVP and was named to the ACAC All-Conference team. Moving on from the men’s hockey program are graduates Connor Rienson and Chase Fallis.

Women’s Volleyball

The Women’s Volleyball team began their program with head coach Trever Turner naming Riley Rizzoli as the Most Improved Athlete followed by Shandelle Meyer as Most Dedicated Athlete. Fourth year middle Julia Huepel had herself a busy night as she was named team MVP, Outstanding Scholastic Athlete, ACAC All-Conference Player, and CCAA Academic All-Canadian. Moving on from the women’s program are graduates Julia Heupel, Ryley Rizzoli and Shandelle Meyer.

Men’s Volleyball

On the men’s side, head coach Lucas Jacobson took the stage where he named Ryan Teliske and Keenan Forstey as the teams Most Dedicated Athletes. Ethan Campbell was recognized as the teams Outstanding Scholastic Athlete. Fifth year graduating captain Nicolas Dove was the teams MVP and was named to the ACAC All-Conference team.

Minor Official of the Year

In his first year as a Thunder Athletics Minor Official, Macalan Boniec-Jedras was awarded as this season’s ACAC Minor Official of the Year. Macalan was consistently heard night in and night out behind the microphone as Game Day Announcer. His enthusiasm and passion for sports truly made the environment in the gymnasium incredible.

Coaches of the Year

For the third year in a row the Thunder Athletics has had coaches selected as Coaches of the Year. Both Reagan Wood (Basketball) and Lucas Jacobson (Volleyball) were once again called to the stage by their respective team captains to receive their ACAC North Coach of the Year Awards.

Special Awards

Thunder Athletics honoured a record high eighteen special athletes who have completed all 5 years of their eligibility in collegiate sport:

Mike Malin – Men’s Basketball

Brett Jakubec -  Men’s Basketball

Shyanne Walton – Women’s Basketball

Jordan Lembryk – Women’s Basketball

Shelby Edgar – Indoor Track & Cross Country Running

Rachael Smillie – Indoor Track & Cross Country Running, Badminton

Connor Dobberthien – Golf, Hockey

Connor Reinson – Men’s Hockey, Badminton

Chase Fallis – Men’s Hockey

Jose Villanueva – Men’s Soccer

Brynn deVries – Women’s Soccer

Jill Sander – Women’s Soccer

Nicole Klepic – Women’s Soccer

Kaitlyn Diduck – Women’s Soccer

Madison Kindzierski – Women’s Soccer

Nicolas Dove – Men’s Volleyball

Shandelle Meyer – Women’s Volleyball

Victoria Johnstone – Women’s Volleyball


Thunder Athletics Director Joel Mrak was pleased to welcome President Tim Loreman to the stage to receive his honorary Thunder Men’s Hockey Jersey as a sign of appreciation for all of the support he shows for all student athletes and Thunder Athletics.  



Tom Austin Sportsmanship Award

This year’s recipient of the Tom Austin Sportsmanship Award was first year multi-sport athlete (badminton, Golf) Nicolas Pittman.

Female Athlete of the Year 

The nominees for the Female Athlete of the Year were:

  1. Kassidy Turcotte (Golf, Badminton)
  • ACAC Golf Championship Silver Medal
  • CCAA Golf Championship Top 15 Finish
  • ACAC All-Conference Player (Badminton)
  • ACAC Badminton Team Silver Medal
  1. Takeisha Wang (Badminton)
  • ACAC All-Conference Athlete
  • ACAC and CCAA Women’s Singles Gold Medal
  • ACAC Team Silver Medal
  • CCAA Academic All-Canadian
  • ACAC and CCAA Player of the Year
  • CCAA All Canadian
  1. Shyanne Walton (Basketball, Soccer)
  • ACAC Bronze Medal (Soccer)
  • ACAC All-Conference Athlete (Basketball)
  • ACAC Athlete of the Week
  • Team Captain

The Thunder Female Athlete of the Year is Takeisha Wang!

Male Athlete of the Year

The nominees for Male Athlete of the Year were:

  1. Desmond Wang (Badminton)
  • CCAA Men’s Singles Gold Medal
  • ACAC Men’s Singles Gold Medal
  • ACAC Team Silver Medal
  • ACAC Athlete of the Week
  • ACAC All-Conference Athlete
  1. Evan Van Amsterdam (Curling)
  • ACAC Men’s Curling Gold Medalist
  • ACAC All-Conference Athlete
  • ACAC Men’s Player of the Year
  1. Ryan McLaren (Men’s Basketball)
  • ACAC 1st Team All-Conference Athlete
  • ACAC Athlete of the Week
  • 2nd in ACAC Point Totals (446)
  • 3RD In ACAC Free Throw percentages (87.8)

The Male Athlete of the Year is Desmond Wang!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our honourees and to ALL of our Thunder Athletes on another fantastic year!!